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Finding Restaurants Near Me
Finding Restaurants Near Me would seem like a simple task, but to the average person who needs a quick method to search their city we created a free tool that allows you to scout the nearest locations in your area.

There is little competition in the restaurant location service, some sites have their own database, and if you do not find anything in a city you can simply suggest a new restaurant - this seems rather misleading to us, if a user wants to know what food is available nearby and nothing is found within some database, then you cant surely ask me to suggest a few restaurants I have been to, and what their exact GPS coordinates are.

The best way to find restaurants near me

Our solution was to use the Google Places API, with hundreds of thousands of results from all across the world, we should be able to provide various results to our users from Chinese restaurants to the closest fast food join near your address. Their API is free to use, up to a daily limit, otherwise you start paying using your credit card. We should be able to provide relevant results from any city in the world, and display results using an interactive map, with markers for every restaurant in town.

How to use this tool

The tool is located at the top of this page, simply enter your address, or city, or street name - then choose your establishment type like "restaurants", "Food", "Fast Food", or even "Supermarkets" then click the Search Places button. You will then be redirected to an interactive map, and a side bar showing the name, and address of the nearest restaurants in your area.

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